What do seasoned winners say about what it takes to succeed at anything in life?

Photo by Eduard Labár on Unsplash

“Describe winning.”

It’s an open-ended prompt, but I imagine most people would describe winning as gold medals, “Mom, we made it” speeches, getting the car, the girl, or a whole gamut of feelings that border on exhilaration. The type of talk that inspires you on its own.

But how do…

Keep your eye on these companies as they are less impacted by the current supply chain crisis

Chic woman holding lots of shopping bags
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The buzz phrase as we head into the holiday gift shopping season is “supply chain issues.”

Supply chain = manufacturing + transportation + logistics that get goods from production to the end consumer

It’s not like supply chain issues weren’t already bad.

Learn the truth surrounding this famous speech and see if it still adds value

Photograph of Theodore Roosevelt sitting in a chair in expedition attire. Hat on his lap.
Theodore Roosevelt dressed in expedition attire, 1909 (Source | Public Domain)

“T“The Man In The Arena” is just a 140-word excerpt from a longer speech titled “Citizenship in a Republic.” The entire oration was well over 8700 words long and would have taken its writer, Theodore Roosevelt, about 30 minutes to read aloud.

Yet it’s this small portion that has stood…

And I have a new role model (Spoiler alert: It’s not Meryl)

Meryl Streep as Julia Child on her cooking show, smiling in the kitchen
Screenshot from “Julie & Julia” (Official movie trailer | Columbia Pictures))

I watched “Julie & Julia” last night. And I discovered Meryl Streep.

Or was it Julia Child?

I am unable to separate the two women. Meryl brought Julia to life — better yet, to the joie de vivre that encapsulated the chef’s karma. I was amazed by the actress’s ability…

Make your 100:1 bad to good ratio 10:1 following the template of entrepreneurs who’ve done it (multiple times)

Illustration of woman kneeling in her closet with question marks over her head, accompanied by photo of Jennifer Hyman with exclamation marks in her thought bubble.
Cropped photo of Jennifer Hyman by Noam Galai/Getty Images for TechCrunch (CC BY 2.0). Background image from freepik by vectorpouch, edited by the author on Canva.

Jenn’s sister, Becky, was lamenting her wardrobe’s pitiful state.

“Everything in this closet is dead to me. I’ve been photographed in everything. The photos are up on Facebook. I need to wear something new.”

Usual response:
“Wow, why don’t you take your entitlement elsewhere, you spoiled — “


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